My name is Skye Strickler. I’m a singer and songwriter, and music absolutely consumes my life. Night and day I think about music in every which way possible. The out-of-your-body sensation you get at the climax of an incredible song is what I live for. No matter your style of music, you can’t deny: a song that makes you stand tall is a good feeling.

I enjoy writing so many different styles of music, and I used to think this was bad; from pop to EDM, classical and theatrical. I think this parallels with my childhood. From an early age I never understood who I was, who I wanted to be, or what I wanted to share with the world. I knew though, more than anything, that I loved sharing my music. Growing up in rural Kansas I wrote a full musical, pop songs, classical pieces, and sang in a lot of choirs. I still never found an environment in which I could fully explore my inspirations.

I left school, moved to an unfamiliar city, and was fortunate enough to explore my songwriting. I wrote, rewrote, and then threw away most of what I’d written. I never felt the me I was trying to be held up to the expectations of those rooting for me. So when I started keeping the new material I wrote, I noticed many songs came from my emotional turmoil. I was getting my feels out, but I wasn’t happy with how it made me feel. I was discovering my process, but I was losing focus of who I needed to be.

And then one day, I decided to write without keeping in mind what everybody would expect of me, what I was supposed to do, or what people thought I would sound best singing. I made the conscious effort to just create whatever made me happy. I threw away all expectations, all inhibition, and I poured my heart and soul into what has now become my first EP, DNA.

I felt happiness and sadness, anger and joy, love and hate. It hurt, I grieved, and it forced me to grow in ways I never knew possible. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. Each song is so different, and each song speaks to the many sides I’ve come to understand is synonymous with who I am. I am not afraid to be happy with me. I am proud to be who I’ve become. And I can’t wait to see who I grow up to be. In the meantime, though, this is my journey and where I am. And if my music makes you stand tall, I can think of no better way to spend my day than to thank you for listening.

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Skye Strickler is an Austin-based singer-songwriter, producer, and music entrepreneur. Spending his early years growing up in rural Kansas, Strickler was surrounded by a musically inclined family. He actively participated in community theatre, church choir and handbells, and wrote a musical his Junior year of high school. That same year he discovered his passion for songwriting, electing to pursue a college degree in Musical Theatre. After a year in concentrated courses, he dropped out to focus on his melodic obsessions in Austin, Tx.

He soon found himself in a notable downtown residency before stepping back to focus exclusively on songwriting. He spent most of 2016 zeroing in on his tastes for the debut EP “DNA”. Each song of a different style, they convey the work Strickler had been challenging; to disembody his songwriting from any performance expectations. From piano ballad to electronic dance, and big band swing-pop to a rap feature, there’s little uncovered in Strickler’s first five tracks – a small sign of what’s to come.

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Press Release – Jan. 9



(AUSTIN, TEXAS – December 2016; source: Horison Entertainment) – Austin’s newest emerging pop musician and entrepreneur Skye Strickler is thrilled to announce his songwriting nod from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with Where Did You Go, a track from his debut EP DNA, available online January 3rd.

For winning the JLS Contest, Strickler will perform a 40-minute slot on the NAMM Nissan Grand Plaza Central Stage during the NAMM Conference at the Anaheim Convention Center in California on Jan. 20th, which last year boasted over 125,000 attendees. Following the performance, Strickler will be handed about $6,000 in prizes. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, which also hosted Austinite Shakey Graves in 2014, will videotape an exclusive acoustic version of the winning song.

The EP contains five original tracks, all but one boasting full production. The sixth track is a remix of a single released in April of 2016, Dance the Night Away, which Strickler says “originally gave me the push to finish the EP. I wanted to work with local talent, and I’m really glad it came together. Every song is so different, but each song is one hundred percent me.”

A personal letter on the front page of Strickler’s website explains why each track is so mindfully different. “I made the conscious effort to just create whatever made me happy. I stopped thinking about how I would present a song live and just started writing songs I wanted people to experience.”

“To close my eyes and lose myself in the moment of a song I love,” he says, “I wanted to try and give that to my listeners.” Happiness and thankfulness are two values he feverishly promotes via his social media accounts. Upon the release of his album on Facebook he shared a video, in which he sits down on Austin’s streets and promotes loving others and small acts of kindness to strangers.

Strickler also has a desire to bring together Austin’s fans, artists, and entrepreneurs. “There are so many unique businesses here whether established, growing, or just starting. I want to find ways to bring fans, artists, and industry folks together to help Austin’s local music community grow. With so much talent, we have to find new ways to push our boundaries; I hope to continue working with local artists on future projects like I had the pleasure on some of these songs.”

You can listen to Skye Strickler’s debut EP DNA on any major streaming platform, or learn more at skyestrickler.com